Boyfriend’s Only, with Amanda Gail

Comedian and social media personality Amanda Gail is here as we discuss: surviving your relationships during the corona virus quarantine, only having sex if you’re in a relationship, realistic boundaries, being comfortable with who you are, and sharing each other’s kinks.

Getting revenge on your ex-boss with Frank Liotti

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De Ls Sol, Therapy and Ass-less Chaps

  We have a legend in the building DJ Maseo from De La Sol And guest co host! from Sirius Radio, the lovely Joyelle Nicole is here as we discuss: Wendi Williams’ husband, old school hip hop, when it’s time to cut the line on a relationship does therapy and why do men cheat?

Ray Gootz

Comedian Ray Gootz is here as we discuss: Being a virgin in your 30’s, cock blockers, and the #MeToo movement.

Brooklyn Mike Troy

  Comedian Brooklyn Mike is in the house as we discuss: What your limits are, fighting for custody of your kids, and more Dante stripping stories

(Bonus Ep) Hot Mess Comedy Hour

  In a bonus episode where we had some technical difficulties, we’re joined by the fantastic Andrea Allen and Emily Lubin from the Hot Mess Comedy Hour. We talk about: ass eating, BDSM, multiple relationships, and traveling for sex.

Ep354 – Gina Savage

Comedy promoter and model, the lovely Gina Savage is here, as we discuss: partners who don’t listen, when it’s time to end a relationship, and who’s at fault during cheating.

Ep347 – Mr Cinnabon

The return of Man School legend Irod, AKA, Mr. Cinnabon! He here as we discuss, taking your life back, what NOT to do during a threesome, and doing more than you think is capable!

Ep315 – Scorpio

From Dante’s old striping crew, Scorpio’s here along with Sweet Baby Ray, as we discuss: Crazy stories from Dante ‘s stripping crew, more naked knock out stories, and the life after stripping.

Ep294 – James Altucher

Comedian, entrepreneur, and podcaster James Altucher is here as we discuss: How we learn, how everything is connected, learning from failure, and how to teach yourself.

Ep290 – Lou Perez

From we the Internet, and Greg and Lou, and the Unsafe Space podcast, comedian Lou Perez is here as we discuss: issues with feminism, getting married, finding the right woman, gay lifestyles and being tolerant.

Ep289 – Nick Hawk

From the series Gigolos, actor, author, musician, Nick Hawk is here with his new book Nick Hawk’s 100 Kicks In The Ass: A Guide To Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full-Potential (Coming soon!)
We talk: personal growth, bullies, the importance of getting back up, and motivation.

Ep275 – Sweet Baby Ray

  One of Dante’s Old stripping buddies is here as we talk Dante’s old stripping days, managing multiple women, women’s accountability, and being nice vs being boring

Ep272 – Goumba Johnny

Radio host and comedian Goumba Johnny is here as we discuss: Ru Paul, getting back up, your obligations as a man, street stories, side chicks and Rob Kardashian.

Ep256 – Clayton Fletcher

  Comedian, poker star and now DAD, Clayton Fletcher is back talking about: The Biological changes of having a kid, being aware of people around you, being direct, building your daughter’s self esteem, setting examples, and sacrificing your integrity.

Ep251 – Annie Lederman

From @Midnight, Girl Code comedian Annie Lederman is here as we discuss blue balls, sexual assault, being present, what your value is, creating your own boundaries, your parents shit.

Ep250 – Dave Temple

Comedian Dave Temple is here along with special guest co-host Christine Meehan as we talk about getting pregnant, fighting, internet profiles, monogamy, stories of Dante beating people up, and pregnancies.